Monday, 29 July 2013

Phone Naing

The poster contains much information which is good but also bad as too much information might cover up the main point.

Comment 08 (Hoh Shu Xian)

1.)The background is striking and attractive
2.)The fonts should be larger to improve visual reading

Javier Ng (13) S1-02

Poster 2

The font size is big thus making it easy to see.
There are too many words and the picture could been larger.
The background could have been more attractive.

Darryl Chan (04)

cons: The words are too small to see

pro: It has a nice design and attracts people

Comment: Ryan Yuen 12-20

The poster has a incompatible color contrast between the background of the "stick-pads" and the fonts.

Poster comments

There is not much background design


The poster is very catching to the eye.
The words on the poster is too small and they are almost scattered all over the poster.

Maximilian Oh Yangzhi (12)

The poster is quite attractive but the font is very bland.

Ryan Hong (15)

The Digital Poster is too small and boring. No pictures only words and is not attractive.

Xavier Poster Comments Register 19

Good Points
The poster colour is very eye-catching.

Bad Points
The photo of the product cannot be seen clearly.

Comment:Pasan Hettige 1-11

The background is attractive

But the fonts should be a little bit bigger as the background makes the words unable be read.

Mahidhar Reddy Poster Design

The poster has information all around the place and the text size is small for people myopic to see.

Joshua Ong (10)

The background is very attractive and the detail are very clear for the reader but the poster does not have any form of visual design for the reader to see.

Keagan Wong Register 18

The colour of the poster is very dull and it does not look attracting to the eye. The colour yellow contrasts with the words.

Cornelius Lee (11)

The words on the poster is too small and the information is to messy.

Wynn Yang Poster Comments

Digital model too small.
Not very appealing to the eye (too boring)

Yue Sheng Poster 1 (1-11)

The background is very attractive and organisation seems very neat and easy to find information about the product,though there could be more colour contrast.

Russell Koh Yi

It is blend and they should make their project bigger since it is the main idea.

Joel Tan

It is visually appealing. But its colour contrast is not so good