Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Homework 31 jan

Lego Style apartment


  1. small stiff hooks+small fabric loops=velcro.
    A Swiss man realized how some plants hook themselves onto the fabric of his clothes, then later when he looks at it with a microscope, the plants have hooks that hook around the fabric loops. Then he designed a model and called it velcro.

  2. I think that the quote is meaningful and true, because a product does not need to have everything to be a best-selling product. I think that the product should instead have a simple yet good design with only the moe important functions. for example, a phone should have functions related to calling and communicating with people, and does not need a pop-out toilet bowl.

  3. Tractor= Car + Garden hoe.
    Because the soil on some spaces are too steep for humans to hoe the ground manually so they invented the tractor to have more friction on the ground to hoe it easier.

    I think the quote is quite good for companies to make something simple so that the older generation would know how to use it.

  4. I think that the more simple it is the less mistakes you make.

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  6. Pencil Eraser = pencil + eraser
    Because its troublesome to find the eraser when you draw/write wrongly on a piece of paper. Hence this innovation allows us to save time finding our missing erasers , which makes life simpler and better.

    I think that the more simple it is , the better it improves it,

  7. Television and computer = Smart TV
    I agree to what Leonardo Da Vinci had said as simple means better and there are many "lazy" people in the world which means the simpler the better

  8. Tablet + Phone = Phablet eg.Galaxy Note,LG Optimus Vu
    As some people cannot afford both a tablet and a phone,Dell first created the Dell Streak to let people save money.However,it was not advanced so people did not by it.However,Samsung created the Samsung created the Galaxy Note 1 then the 2.It was a big hit as it ran on Jelly Bean instead of the Dell's Gingerbread.

    I think that simplicity is the best as for example,the old phones eg.Nokia E71,had keyboards to type on.But now phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 has keyboards built into the phone itself,making use of the screen.The keypads have improve too.Instead of keypads like the LG Optimus One,which has 4 keypad buttons,the home,back,settings and search.Now,the Samsung Galaxy S3 has on one button and two touch buttons which disappears when you are not using it.
    So that is what I think about the quote

  9. Internet + Technology = Computers

    I agree with Leonardo Da Vinci that simplicity is the best form of sophistication as it can be a good reference used to encourage people.

  10. Runway+Ship=aircraft carrier.
    I agree with Leonardo Da Vinci as the more simple it is, the easier it is to find out the meaning of what you had said, the more easier the message will get through

  11. Shovel + Truck = Shovel truck

    Leonardo Da Vinci is right as a simpler invention can be more complex than a invention that is not,
    e.g. A IPhone is smaller than a phone booth, yet much more complex than a phone booth.

  12. Wheel + Chair =Wheelchair

    I agree with Leanardo Da Vinvi as he said complexity is simple when you are figuring out a riddlle or a question it very hard but when you found the answer you will find it simple