Thursday, 12 September 2013

Exploring Entrepreneurship Camp: Reflections

Dear Class,

Please post up your individual reflections in the commments.
- 3 things that you have learnt from the EE Camp.
- 2 experiences that you have gained from the EE Camp.
- 1 lesson that you can apply towards the upcoming IE Bazaar.


  1. 3 things that I learnt are financing, how to start a business and brainstorming.

    2 experiences that I have gain are brainstorming our product and presentation.

    1 lesson that I can apply towards to the upcoming IE Bazaar is the financing part.

  2. I learnt how to start a business, how to calculate on financing the company and how to start a trade war.
    I have learnt how to calculate costs more effectively.
    I can use the brainstorming techniques to improve the IE Bazaar

  3. 1)The 3 things that I have learntn are how to check on the different perspectives of a product, how to keep track of expenditure and lstly how to start a trade war.
    2)How to be financially good when selling and making a product and how to present my product properly.
    3)How to be financially stable during the IE Bazzar.

  4. 1) -That it takes a long time to set up a business, you must have the passion and you must make sacrificea

    2)Presentation is important and planning as well

    3)It is how we keep track of the stock

  5. 1) I learnt that setting up a business takes time, being a business man must be smart and also to invest in not just one item to sell.
    2) Going to FarmMart taught me how to be a better business man and also the people from Carousell taught me valuable experiences as well.
    3) Spend money wisely on the products we are going to sell for example the most sought off products like drinks so more people would buy.

  6. 1. I learnt that setting a business is difficult, as one needs fundings and has to take incredible risks and also have to be creative.

    2. One has to prepare a well done slides and has to plan well for his/her presentation.

    3. Use our money wisely and make sure we can earn profit.

  7. 1) I learnt how to start a business, make sure profit are earned and brainstorming
    2)Presenting your product to the customer is important
    3)Make sure all factors are covered when selling product